The Most Powerful Smartphone in 2021 According to Youtuber Gadget Torturer

Scratched with razor blades, forcibly bent, until burned, that’s the fate of a new smartphone when it is in the hands of Zack Nelson, YouTube channel owner JerryRigEverything. Nelson is known as a “gadget tormentor”. Even though testing methods may not be scientific or can be repeated exactly, JerryRigEverything videos are often a reference to the toughness of a smartphone.


The Most Powerful Smartphone in 2018


Moreover, Nelson did not hesitate to reveal the physical weaknesses he found. Some time ago, Nelson uploaded a video titled Smartphone Durability Awards 2021. In the video, he reviewed what smartphones JerryRigEverything channels had tested during the past year and revealed which of the gadgets was the most powerful.

In general, the strongest cellphone award is addressed to Duraforce Pro 2, a Japanese manufacturer’s mobile phone, Kyocera, which has tough construction with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass screen.

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“The screen can hardly be scratched,” Nelson said about Duraforce Pro 2 in the video. The screen of most of the gadgets tested by Nelson was scratched when faced with a hard-core “6” scraping material. The sapphire screen can last up to “8” hardness level.
Duraforce Pro 2 is also waterproof and is equipped with several additional features such as charging the battery wirelessly. In addition to the most formidable cellphones, Nelson also revealed which phones are the easiest to repair.
In this case, several Global HMD models such as the Nokia 7 series and Nokia 6 are among the top ones. The Nokia 6 screen, for example, can be replaced easily and quickly, only takes 10 to 15 minutes, different from the Max XS iPhone which according to Nelson is very difficult to repair.
The glass back of the iPhone XS Max also cannot be repaired so it must be replaced completely if it is damaged. The price of this component said Nelson reached US $ 599, more expensive than some cellphones on the market.

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