iPhone Claim has a different design for its folding screen

Charezrivaldo – Apple is rumored to be presenting a folding screen cellphone like that of several brands this year. As reported by Inverse, the patent leak is numbered US10,020,462 and attributed to Jiang Ai, Erik A, and Soyoung Kim.


iPhone folding screen


Apple said it had long prepared folding screen technology. Apple submitted their documents last March 2021, and was recently approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices (USPTO), with the name Electronic Devices with Flexible Display and published on December 27, 2021.
Do not want to be considered to follow, Apple mentions having a design different from other brands. This phone can be folded out and inside.
In order to be folded outward and inwardly, Apple uses a coating technique that combines polymers and pigment flakes.

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The element is applied to OLED panels with spray techniques, dipped or maybe printed, to make the outer layer of the screen more proactive so that it can be bent without damaging it.
As seen in the leaks scattered on the internet, the image shows the iPhone being bent inward, where the screen and screen will face each other inside.
While, in another picture the illustration illustrates that the iPhone is bent outward, where the backs of the devices meet each other, so the screen will be outside.
Apple said, design factors are needed in the smartphone industry. Apart from being able to have differences from other brands, different designs will be a breakthrough for the brand itself. This is likely to encourage Apple to participate in patenting folding screen designs.
Folding cellphones are likely to become a new trend in the smartphone industry. Not only Apple has registered patents but also Huawei, LG, Sony, Oppo and Lenovo.

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